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Several years ago Seth started out down a road he hoped would lead him to Nashville. In 2008 his path intersected with the musical roads of six others. Today, they're known as Seth Turner and The High Desert Drifters and are an exceptional collection of performers from many walks of life, from all over our great country. This fine group displays a wide array of talents and personalities as they perform music that spans generations and encompasses many genres while always staying true to their roots, authentic country music.

With Seth and his band, you get more than a show, you get an experience.

Seth's solo album, "Another Day In My Life" and Seth Turner and the High Desert Drifter's new album, "Nine Years and Several Miles Later" are both now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby as well as other online retailers. If you are interested in purchasing these albums, you can click the links below or go to iTunes with the link at the bottom of this page.

We're in the process of recording our next album, "El Rancho Motel". As a special offering, we are making the songs available for purchase here on our website.

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Another Day In My Life


Nine Years and Several Miles Later


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El Rancho Motel $1.11
Some Good, Some Bad $1.11
Three Dollar Beer $1.11
Dead Flowers $1.11
The Seed $1.11
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